Acrobat 2023 Update

Revolutionize Your PDF Experience: Discover the Top New Features of Adobe Acrobat June 2023
      Acrobat 2023

  1. Customize All Tools: Users can now rearrange tools in the All tools list via drag-and-drop for a more personalized interface​​.
  2. Multiple Touchpoints for Combining Files: Additional options for combining files have been integrated, including through the Create button and context menus​​​​.
  3. Waffle Icon Removed: The All tools label has been simplified by removing the waffle icon to create a tidier interface​​.
  4. Improvements in Editing PDFs: Users can now add annotations while editing a PDF and seamlessly return to the editing tool​​.
  5. Auto-Adjust Layout While Editing PDFs: This feature introduces a multi-page editing experience where text and images automatically adjust, maintaining the layout and margins, and supporting multi-level lists editing​​.
  6. Reordering of Comment Tool: The Send for comments tool is now more accessible in the All tools panel​​.
  7. Enhancements in Request E-Signatures Experience: The Request e-signatures tool has been improved for a more streamlined user experience​​.
  8. Share a Document with Yourself: Users can now add themselves as recipients in the signing process​​.
  9. Rearrange Recipients List by Dragging: In the Add recipients dialog, the list can be reordered through drag-and-drop​​.
  10. Reordering of Sign Tools: Sign tools like Request e-signatures and Fill & Sign are now more discoverable in the All tools list​​.
  11. New Form Fields in Agreements: Users can include image files, stamps, file attachments, and transaction number fields in agreements​​.
  12. Prefill Company and Title Field: This feature allows prefilling the Company and Title fields to enhance efficiency​​.
  13. Support for Searching Agreement Drafts and Templates: This feature supports the searching of agreement drafts and templates​​.
  14. Prompt to Request Signatures or Save a Certified Copy After Filling a Form: This experimental feature prompts the next action after filling a form, like requesting e-signatures or saving a certified copy​​.
The October 2023 release introduced several new features and enhancements:
  1. Request Signatures for Different Format Files: This feature allows users to request e-signatures for multiple files selected from the recent files list, combining them into a single PDF for the signing process​​.

  2. New Request Signatures Experience for Teams: A specific update for Acrobat for teams license users, offering a new experience in requesting signatures that wasn't available before​​.

  3. Enhancements to PDF Maker in Microsoft Office Apps: Acrobat extended its integration with Microsoft Office applications, allowing users to share files as Adobe PDFs directly from the File menu, which then converts the file into a PDF, opens it in Acrobat, and creates a shareable link​​.


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