Type 1 Font Support Ending

Type 1 fonts are no longer supported

Type 1 Font Support Ending (Now)

Adobe will no longer support the use of Type 1 fonts, also known as PostScript or Adobe Type 1, in its products by January 2023. This is due to the format being replaced by more versatile OpenType fonts. As a result, Type 1 fonts will no longer appear in the fonts menu, and previously installed Type 1 fonts will not be usable. Documents using Type 1 fonts will display as "Missing fonts".

  1. Type 1 fonts will no longer appear in the fonts menu and will not be usable.
  2. Documents using Type 1 fonts will display as "Missing fonts."
  3. Embedded Type 1 data in file types such as EPS and PDF will not be affected, but if these files are opened for editing in Adobe applications, they will trigger a "Missing fonts" error.
  4. Previous versions of Creative Cloud apps will continue to support Type 1 fonts, but any release from January 2023 and beyond will not.
  5. Users can obtain OpenType versions of Adobe-owned fonts through the Adobe Fonts service or by purchasing perpetual licenses from Fontspring.
  6. Users who have purchased Type 1 fonts not owned by Adobe should contact the font foundry to see if an upgrade path to OpenType is available.
  7. Converting Type 1 fonts to OpenType is possible but may produce sub-optimal results and may be prohibited by the font foundry's license agreement.
  8. Acrobat will handle PDFs with Type 1 fonts in the same way it has for over 20 years, if a missing font is one of the fonts that ships with Acrobat or is the default in the operating system's fonts, it will be used in place of the non-embedded font, otherwise, the next closest match according to Acrobat's font substitution table will be used.


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