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DiamondTouch Table and Adobe Acrobat Integration

DiamondTouch Table and Adobe Acrobat Integration The worlds first multi-user touch table and a plug-in developed by Mapsoft running under Adobe Acrobat.  Contact: Michael Peters

Developing User Interfaces for Adobe Products

Developing User Interfaces for Adobe Products Choices when developing extensions and plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud products Most of Adobes Products has either come from other companies that have merged with Adobe Systems or have been in development for a considerable length of time. There is more than one way of creating extensions for most of Adobes products and especially the variation in developing graphical user interfaces.  Adobe Illustrator, for example requires the use of HTML and JavaScript for its user interfaces. Adobe Acrobat supports native user interfaces on both Windows and Mac platforms although until recent versions that used to have its own user interface technology called ADM (Adobe Dialog Manager). The same technology was also used in Adobe Illustrator, however over the last few versions of the products this technology has been removed. For Adobe Acrobat there is an example plug-in using wxWidgets ( ) an open source

SMART integration Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

SMART integration with Adobe Illustrator using an Adobe Illustrator Plug-in Enhance design & product review meetings by using SMART visual collaboration solutions with the popular vector graphics editor Adobe Illustrator. Technologies Used SMART White Board Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator SDK Contact Information Michael Peters

How Portable is PDF?

How Portable is PDF? Although PDF is an ISO standard and there are various other standards such as PDF/A and PDF/X that is supposed to improve its portability it can be made into a completely unportable format in a number of ways. Some of this unportability is imposed by Adobe themselves deliberately to keep some control over the format and the functionality of their products that work with the PDF format and some by 3rd parties. The question is how close is PDF to being truly portable across all devices and is this portability becoming better or worse over time. A definition of PDF This paragraph in the PDF 1.7 and ISO standard document is largely unchanged from early versions of the PDF specification and summarises the "ideal" for PDF: The goal of PDF is to enable users to exchange and view electronic documents easily and reliably, independent of the environment in which they were created or the environment in which they are viewed or printed. At the core of PDF is